How can I add image in circle or in any shape

Is there any way to add image in circle or in any shape. something like we use “create clipping mask” tool in photoshop.


Circle you can do easily by making your image a square and then setting the corner radius to half the width.

Other shapes, I’m not sure.

You can mask something by making it a dynamic panel and resizing the panel. But that is only square/rectangle. Otherwise you can fake it by overlaying a shape the same color as your background and cutting out the irregular shape “mask”.

RP: Masking.rp (323.3 KB)

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Fantastic… How I missed that. really a cool trick… Thanks friend.

Dear Murray,
I was looking for one example with drag feature, You shared that. Thanks.
but I did not understood the code you applied. request you to explain the code with comments…