How can I find widgets assigned to a selection group?


I have a moderately large prototype which has accumulated various selection groups over time. I can’t show the list itself for reasons of intellectual property, but the “selection groups” I mean are those that appear here:

Thing is, I’m pretty sure some of those groups aren’t needed any more. Further, their continued existence might be causing bugs in my prototype. So I can see the selection groups’ names in the dropdown, but how do I find the widgets that are assigned to that group?

I figure that finding them, understanding why they’re assigned, and then probably clearing out their assignment is the only way to tidy up my list of selection groups (and avoid potential bugs).



This is a great idea, but I don’t think it is currently possible/supported. It’s worth asking as a feature request by sending an email to .

…Maybe it could be added as a global search option so you can find them across all pages and masters. I could envision adding a search filter for Selection Group, just like existing categories for Dynamic Panels, Components, etc.


Hey @malross, I’ve just submitted a feature request for you–our product team will further review it to see if this change can be implemented in future releases. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Thanks, @Tanya_Axure.

If it helps to understand the need for some way to find the widgets, I suspect this accumulation of selection groups comes from a copy-paste-adapt workflow. And I just don’t notice that I’ve also copied across the selection group property.


how do u make a drawing
I got this cus I thought it was a drawing app


sorry if that came out rude i just need to know so i xan post stuff pls dont get mad


@shruberry, It is best practice on this forum–like most user forums–to first search the archives to see if your topic has been covered already, and post new topics and questions in a new thread, as opposed to trying to introduce something in a completely unrelated thread, like this one.

Axure is a prototyping application, not a drawing application per se, but you can draw lines and shapes with its Pen tool. You can learn more right from Axure’s home page:

Drawing shapes in Axure: