How can i flip an image from position A to position B?

As title, how can i use animation flip and move an object from position A to position B ? Example like when you flip a page of a book.
Pls anyone may help me about this :frowning:

I recommend you put your image in a dynamic panel. Add a second state to show the “back” of your image. You can use Set Panel State with an animation transition, such as “flip left” to show the other side. Then add a Move action to place the dynamic panel at position B. Play around with timing and move animation effects to get it to look the way you want.

Here is a quick demo
flip and move.rp (54.2 KB)

If you can’t get the exact animation effect you want and decide you really need to focus on visual details–instead of “basic concept”–another approach is to create the animation in your favorite graphics/animation app and export to animated GIF. You can use a static version as State1 of a dynamic panel and the animated GIF in State2. I’ve also gotten pretty good results by using a static PNG/GIF/JPG and setting that widget’s selected style to an animated GIF. So to perform the animation on command, just set that widget to selected. Stop and reset by setting it to unselected.


Yes! Thank you, exactly what i was looking for, thank you so much !

New problem if you can help :frowning:
i messed up the order of each page when flip, i tried multi way but none works
Here is my problem exampleflip order problem.rp (3.6 MB)
I make it so you have to slide up/down to flip

Bring to front

flip order problem_Fixed.rp (3.6 MB)

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thank you so much, i’m new to axure though :frowning: