How can I insert line break in repeater


I am trying to add an address to a repeater cell;

Column1 = ‘Address’
Column2 = '72 Guild Street
SE23 6FH ’

I need the address to be on multiple lines like the example above and so far I’ve tried using the ITEM LOADED interaction to set the column2 value to rich text, then add ‘br’ tags after each line.

Unfortunately the ‘br’ tags are printed and not translated into line breaks.

Is there a way in Axure 10 to do this?

Yes, but it’s a bit “roundabout”.

First, you need to add some kind of “marker” to the text in the repeater (in my example it’s "<p>").
Then, when you set the text, you replace the marker with break line expressions ("\n\n").
Break_Lines _In_Repeater.rp (63.5 KB)

Nice one Huban, that’ll do!

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