How can I set width or height of widgets adapted the browser window

As the title question.

Now the width and height of a widget can only be set as a fixed value.

I want to set the width(or height)of a widget the same as the width(or height) of browser window,
when I view the prototype in the browser it can change with the size of the window.

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Hi panda0013,

I recommend setting up some Adaptive Views with the common browser sizes that you’d like to use when you demo the Prototype. Have this Widget at the desired, screen-sized size in each View.


You can also check out the new 100% Wide feature on Dynamic Panels, 100 Percent Wide Dynamic Panel (100% DP, fluid, full browser width, background strip/bar).

What about height? I’d like the height of a dynamic panel to be constrained to the browser height and scrollable. There’s lots of info on 100% wide but what about 100% high?

Hi Wheelyweb,

Thanks for adding to this discussion as well; I believe James suggested something that might work.

For anyone looking to set a DP to 100% wide and 100% high, this thread linked below might help, too:

100% Width AND Height dynamic panel


On page load and page resize, set the dynamic panel height to window.height (you can find in window functions in the fuction list)


Link seems to be broken now, sadly…