How can I skew a rectangle interactive?


I would like to be able to change a rectangle with handles to a parallelogram.
Would this be possible with axure? Drag and drop no thing and resize the rectangle too. Just skew I have no idea…

Thanks already



The best way I can think of is to break the lines up into individual elements and rotate as needed. This example shows dragging of just the top or bottom line but you can apply the same concept to the sides. It uses some trig functions and some data points stored in hidden text labels (starting X position, original height) to calculate the angle and redraw the lines. Doing all 4 sides would get a little more complicated, but is doable with some time.

Skew.rp (60.5 KB)

**Note this was created in RP8, but I think you should be able to open it in RP9.

Ping me if you have any questions.

wau cool, thanks for that :slight_smile:
Did not think that it is so complex then… is probably even more complex if the lower part does not change, but only the side that I move with the handle, or?

I look at the whole but today times, thanks again for this


Not necessarily more complicated, just different logic. For whatever reason the lines don’t match up quite as nice , but in the attached I added a “single” page showing the logic for one side.

Skew.rp (78.4 KB)

ok, great, thank you already :slight_smile:
I will expand the whole thing a bit and let you know here.
Maybe still comes the one or the other question :slight_smile: