How can I use repeaters in a Master?

Hi, I was trying to create a “Add a new credit card” system by using repeaters and masters. My idea was to, once all the information for the credit card is set, create a new row with that information in the repeater which is inside a master, and then be able to see that repeater on another page by adding the master that contains the repeater. I will upload a file that will probably explain better what i’m trying to do.Credit Card test.rp (98.3 KB)


Unfortunately, the master’s instance on page 2 will not reflect the updates made to the master’s instance on page 1.

When a page loads, each instance of a master shows up exactly how the master was defined, and will not reflect changes made to a separate instance of the master. I’ve yet to see a good solution for updating a repeater on one page with the rows of a repeater on another.

If your prototype needs only to show a single row added, you may consider using text labels laid out in a grid instead, and set the individual labels of a “row” on page 2 to global variables set by the entry fields on page 1.

okay perfect! that’s what i’ll do then

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