How can I use 'Set selected(Toggle)' action with image inside the repeater widget?

If I hang an action on an image widget inside the repeater widget, the image disappears when I toggle off.
Creating a Box widget on top of an Image widget and then putting an action on the Box widget solves the problem, but I think it’s a temporary solution.

How can I toggle a Selected action with an image widget?
I will attach the relevant file.
Repeater_image selected_toggle.rp (99.2 KB)

Hi @JIN_n

Technically, the image doesn’t dissappear. What happens is that the “selected state” image is displayed and since you have not included one image for that state, it is shown empty.

To add an image for the Selected state go to the “Set image” action in the Repeater interactions panel and click on “More options”. Then you can upload an image for the selected state, as well as for other interaction styles:

Thank U @lastmonkey
I tried as you said, but still the image disappears in unselected state when Toggle off.
I think it’s because what you’re saying is that you specify an image in the selected state, not the unselected state.
Am I not good at understanding?

Repeater_image selected_toggle.rp (99.2 KB)

Mmmm weird…

I’ve been playing with your file and I have noticed that if you add to the image widget styling for another interaction (MouseOver, for example) then it works:

Repeater_image selected_toggle_2.rp (99.3 KB)

It’s a strange behavior that doesn’t happen on Axure RP8

Maybe a bug related to the interaction styles?

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