How do I adjust connector label width?

I have added some text to label a connector line but it is showing as 5 lines of text with about 2 words on each line. I’d like to ‘widen’ the label area so that the label fits onto 2 or 3 lines of text, is this possible?

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Hi blond1e,

I’m afraid that there aren’t a whole lot of options to customize the connector labels. I’ll send this thread over to our product management team as a feature request on your behalf.

In the meantime, the best way forward would be to create your own connector-labels using Label widgets or borderless Rectangle widgets. The world is your oyster when it comes to customizing those! Hopefully that will be a suitable workaround for the time being.


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please implement this feature in Axure 9! it would be very useful thing.


Can you confirm if this was ever addressed? I thought there was a way to move labels on connectors, and indeed to rotate the direction of the text on a connecting line - both of which would make my user flows MUCH neater! Thanks


Doesn’t look like customizability for connector labels made it into RP 9, so the above workaround noted is still the way to go if you need to fine-tune how your connector text looks and operates in your file.

I’ll forward the feature request again to the product team for review. Since this thread was originally posted the forums have changed format a bit and feature requests now go through to ensure they reach the product team; if you have any future feedback go ahead and send it that way!

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