How do i create a button interaction to display a mini-window?



Hello, I’m getting to know Axure RP 10 and I’m trying to create a small UI prototype. So I made a button called “enable voice controls” and upon clicking this button I want it to display a mini pop-up that says “voice controls enabled” and then I want this button to change to a “disable voice control” button that has a similar function to the first button I described. Can anyone assist me, please?


Hi @Awais04, you can use the Popup widget from our default “Sample UI Patterns” library as a basis.


You will need to add a few adjustments with the hide/shown actions on the Click or Tap interaction for the button, along with some conditions, and as a result, it should look like this:

In this particular example, I added some conditions that check if the “Pop” dynamic panel is visible on the “Click or Tap” interaction for the “Launch button”, and then I used the “Show/Hide” action for the dynamic panel along with the “Set Text” action for the button.


You can find more information about conditional logic in Axure here.
Here is the file so it can be easier for you to follow!Popup.rp (52.8 KB)
I hope it helps! :slight_smile:


thank you Tanya, this is exactly what I needed :slight_smile: .