How do I create a link inside a Dynamic Panel that opens another page?

Hi —

I am very new to Axure (8) and tried to find answers on google first.

I have content with buttons inside a Dynamic Panel; that Dynamic panel is just there to show our Developers that it is scrollable.

If I open the dynamic panel state and create a link (Create link) on a “Box”-Shape and then go back to my page to preview it, the link isn’t clickable (nothing happens)

Is there an easy way to do this?

Dynamic Panel Wireframe.rp (64.0 KB)

Would you mind uploading your prototype so I can take a look?

Since I cant share the actual wireframe, I redid the basic thing. I think I kind of found out where the problem could be (But I don’t know how to fix it)

If I delete the “Left Nav” Dynamic panel the link works. — If it is there, it doesn’t. Why is this?

The dynamic panel with the “Side Nav” container in it is set to 100% wide. So it’s actually covering the entire page when you load the prototype in the browser. Remove that, or, set it so that your other containers are in front of it and you should be good.

To change that, right click on the dynamic panel and uncheck “100% Wide (Browser Only)”.

Thank you very much — that solved the issue :slight_smile: