How do I get the repeater bottom position

I have a repeater that have groups that expand and collapse but the content outside of the repeater underneath is not getting pushed down. The repeater sits on top of bottom content.

I tried to get the bottom position of the repeater to move the bottom content but the calculations seem off. I tried to move the elements to [[repeater.y+ repeater.height]] … [[repeater.bottom]] … [[ repeater.height]] but the evaluated result is off by quite a bit.

My next attempt will be to add the repeater to a group and see if my results are more accurate based on the group size and position or use the show push bottom elements on repeater resize.

On another issue I have had is that animations of groups for slide down fade etc don’t seem to work in the repeater. It does hide and show the element but the animations don’t seem to be working on groups.

Are you using local variables to fetch the repeater properties? There’s a great explanation of that in this post.

I tried it as a local variable as well as “This” which referred to the repeater. None of that worked. In the end I put the repeater in a group and moved the elements based on the group.bottom which was a million times easier than trying to work out the repeater.bottom.

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Using [[repeater.bottom]] normally works. Where are you using this code? If it’s inside of the Item Loaded interaction, I’d do this:

[Edit] attaching file:

position stuff below repeater.rp (51.4 KB)

I used the code inside of repeater resize.

Have you considered using a show/hide with push pull? Hide-pull, add the filter, show-push
repeater push.rp (50.6 KB)