How do I scroll to Widget in a different axure file?


I am trying to anchor to a hot spot in a different axure file and I am wonder is this even possible? If it is possible how do I get it to work?

I have tried using the on click event and giving it conditions where you set the on load variable to the name of the hotspot in my other file and getting it to open the new page in a pop up window.

For the page it is opening I have also added on page load conditions where if the on load variable is set to the name of the hot spot then I want to scroll (x,y) to that hot spot.

This doesn’t seem be working, anyone know why?


I found this old thread in the forums:

The hint from @nkrisc was spot-on, as usual, and once you get the basics, not all that tedious (but tedium is in the eyes of the prototyper.)

See these two .rp files for the solution. Generate both prototypes to folders in the same parent folder, as in “…/Test/Jump1” and “…/Test/Jump2” --The second folder name needs to be named “Jump2” as that is hard-coded in the link from the first prototype. You can change this of course to suit your files and locations, and apply the same approach to Axure Share or other online prototype locations.

Here is the code for my test button in the first “Jump And Scroll” file:

So, to call another prototype, you need to know the URL of that prototype, then append your global variable(s) in this format: #<nameOfVariable>=[[<nameOfVariable>]] --it turns out the “&CSUM=1” is not needed.

Jump And Scroll.rp (74.5 KB)
Jump2.rp (45.4 KB)

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