How do I select underlaying objects?

I’m currently working with several overlays that the user can turn on and of, but I’m having trouble working with these overlays inside Axure.

How do I quickly go about selecting items that are beneath other items? In Illustrator/Photoshop you have a very handy layers menu, but I havent found anything of the like in Axure.

with each click (without moving the mouse) you drill down one layer.

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Oooh, thats an interesting way of working… Kinda hard to do with a stylus though!


In the Widget Manager pane, you can click the blue square that appears next to widgets to hide them in the work space. This makes them totally invisible and unselectable within Axure so it’s easier to work, but has no effect at all on the actual prototype.

After using Axure for several years this is by far the most annoying thing UI issue to deal with. We NEED a mechanism to select from the Z layer.

I prototype highly dynamic interactive systems which have lots of layers and movement - Axure does a great job of 90% of that, but when you start to get to groups being overlaid of groups it just becomes tedious.

Please think about a Z view. Ideally a modifier-click that brings up a panel close to the mouse pointer showing every layers under where you’ve clicked.

You can select items in the Outline and start manipulating properties and styles.

Sorry for this adhoc attempt to learn what happened. This feature disappeared some time ago? And I really miss it. I have to use Outline Manager, or select and area and deselect until only the desired object is left. Do you know what happened, Gregor? I’m currently on version

Hi dagtj!

If you are working with Groups, you should still be able to click on each layer until the targeted widget is selected. If you are working with dynamic panels, you will want to double-click on the dynamic panel container to select the state that you wish to navigate to.

If I misunderstood, could you provide some more details on what you expected to happen? If this feature doesn’t yet exist in our tool, I’ll go ahead and file a request with our respective teams.