How do you multi-select text and move it to the left column?

MMOTS-gen-stats-report-2.rp (303.1 KB)

I am trying to select individual items and have the option to select multiple items and have it populate on the left. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this. I’ve tried to set text and it only works for one item and not multiple ones.

HI Joseph76,

I added a page to your file to demonstrate how you can do this. Essentially, what I did was duplicate the original repeater and use the “Add Filter” interaction to filter out the original repeater and the dup repeater, depending on which item is selected/marked in the original.

Second, I do want to heed warning. It looks like you have multiple repeaters on the one Home page. As a general recommendation, we don’t advise you have more than two on the same page, as repeaters can significantly impact performance, both in the tool and in the browser. If there’s a way to simulate some features without using repeaters, this would probably be the route that I would take. Performance would, of course, also depend on how much data is in a single repeater and how many interactions are getting applied/triggered, but one solution may be to have just one example where you can multi-select rows to add to another repeater while the rest stay static.

At any rate, if you have any questions about this or the edits I made to your file, please lmk. :slight_smile:

MMOTS-gen-stats-report-2_EDIT.rp (307.4 KB)

That’s GREAT! thanks for your help. Also good to know about multiple repeaters slowing performance.

On a side note are you all aware of the screen refresh issue with Axure 9 in the Mac beta? When I click into a dynamic panel and move the canvas around the “isolate” and “close” blue bar duplicates everywhere until I close the dynamic panel view. Hope that’s fixed for the final release.

Hi Joseph76,

That’s no problem! And no, I’m afraid we’re not aware of this bug. Could you post a quick video of the issue occurring so that I could take a closer look? I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue so far on my end, so I’m thinking the issue may be specific to your system or file setup. If the issue is only reproducible in one .rp file, could you post that here as well? Thanks!

This is what I am seeing when I moved the canvas around while I am in a dynamic panel. I am using Axure 9 Beta on both Windows 10 and MacOS High Sierra and I see the same thing. When I close the dynamic panel view and move the canvas around this goes away. Its only when I have opened a dynamic panel. It’s not a big deal it just messes with the view of the work space.

Hi Joseph76,

Thanks for the screenshot! That looks pretty bad. I still haven’t been able to reproduce the same issue on our machines running Windows 10 or OS X 10.13.6. To start, could you check that you’re on the latest build of the 9 beta by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates” from the main menu? The latest build is 3625. If you’re on the latest build, could you post your .rp file here so that I could try reproducing the issue on my end?