How do you organize your cloud?


I’m curious if anyone has a recommendation for a Workspace/Folder structure on Axure Cloud.

I think I need to enforce some sort of structure beyond what we have already. Currently, I just have a unique Workspace for every high-level project category and all the wireframes and their shared prototypes go in that folder.

This has worked fine for a number of years but it’s starting to be too much to handle and things are getting hard to find. Some of these workspaces have hundreds of items of different types for different audiences:

  • Team Files
  • Non-team Files
  • ad-hoc WIP prototypes
  • WIP prototypes published on a schedule (“updates this week”, that sort of thing)
  • prototypes that focus on subsets of a file
  • the main prototype URL of everything in a project

I’m hoping to avoid a structure where every project goes in its own folder in a workspace all the time. This will get annoying to do every time there’s a new project or to have to remember to go back and do that occasionally. Plus, the demarcations between one project or another can be fuzzy.

I’m thinking maybe grouping by type might be reasonable, not all types are used by all projects but it might help a little bit. Here’s the structure I’m thinking of trying:

Workspace Root/
├─ Source Files/ (i’m not entirely sure this is needed)
│ ├─ .rpteam files
│ ├─ .rp files
│ ├─ ad-hoc prototype URLs
├─ Primary Prototypes/
│ ├─ Primary Prototype URLs
├─ Regular Updates/
│ ├─ <Projectname>/
│ │ ├─ Regular Update URLs
├─ Subset Prototypes/
│ ├─ <Projectname>/
│ │ ├─ Subset URLs

I think this will work okay because everything in Source Files tends to be for use internal to the IA team, so it being a mix of different rp files and prototype urls will be not so bad. Everything else tends to be for presenting information externally and having to take the time to input a folder name and time to properly organize it seems not too annoying to me.

It will also be reasonable to search for when creating a new file, which is really one of the primary concerns of mine. Though perhaps that alone is a good reason to eliminate the Source Files folder from my idea, as the Existing Workspace field will let you search by Workspace OR Folder but not both. I just worry it’s only a half measure and after moving my prototypes into different folders, I’ll still have hundreds of items.

Does anyone have any recommendations? How do you organize your Axure Cloud?