How do you use a Master Repeater as a central dataset?

For my thesis I’m in the process of making some kind of voluntary Tinder-like matching tool, although not relation based, to match a volunteer with someone that needs care.

For this I’m fiddling around with the repeaters. I have one Master Repeater for the volunteers and a Master repeater for the people that need care.

When you have a local repeater on a page, which isn’t a Master you can randomly use that data on other widgets on that page with an Set Text event on the pageload and then by putting in [[Item.Name]] you can use that on random widgets.

However, when you use a Master repeater this functionality doesn’t work. People that know a workaround? When I do this with a Master repeater, the element litterally gets the text [[Item.Name]]. How can I map the Repeater to a variable on every page, so I can still use [[Item.Name]] like you can with a non-master repeater.

My prototype is supposed to have a high amount of dynamic data, instead of all static stuff and it looks like Axure wasn’t made for that initially.

It looks like I can only map the LVAR succesfully to a specific field of the global repeater. But that’s not what I want.


First of all, I like this technique: I’ve never thought of using it. I assuming it’s a single-row repeater with one column per value, right? [Edit: see comment at bottom]

You can do it from inside of the master, but it’s a bit hacky.

Basically, also in the master, you have a as many shapes as you have columns in your dataset, each named the same as the columns in the dataset, but maybe prefixed by “master_”. E.g., “master_name,” “master_address,” etc…

You set the text of these master shapes in the OnItemLoad handler, and then on the last line you’d raise an event (call it "OnAllTextSet). Then, outside of the master, you can click on the repeater (in Axure, not in the browser) and see this new raised event. You then would basically say:

   Set text on (rectangle) "name" to text on (rectangle) "master_name"
   Set text on (rectangle) "address" to text on (rectangle) "master_address"

Here’s a sample: set_text_from_repeater_in_master.rp

[Edt] If you have multiple rows and are applying a filter to pull up a single person (which I now realize is what you are probably doing), this same solution will work.