How does recovery work witrh axure cloud?



We want to revert to a previous version. I don’t understand how recover works in relation to cloud and team. If possible I want to simply reload an earlier version locally and to the cloud so my users can use the same shared link. Questions this raises, before I do anything:

  • the original project publishes to the cloud, after I recover, the file name will not be the same, does this matter will publish to cloud access the correct project and replace all pages etc?
  • the orginal file extension is rpteam, the recovered file is simply rp, so how do I a) make it a team project and b) connect to the existing one
  • the recovered project will have all pages needing to be uploaded to the cloud, perhaps the answer to the previous question will cover this, but the question is how do I force load the

Thank you


Team Projects (.rpteam) and Regular Projects (.rp) behave in different ways when trying to publish them to Axure Cloud.

New regular projects are created in Axure Cloud when publishing a project for the first time or when publishing to a new link. Any regular project in Axure Cloud can be updated or replaced with any other file.

However, new team projects can only be created via the “File > New Team Project” or “Team > Create Team Project from Current File”. Existing team projects can only be updated or modified by sending or checking in changes in the corresponding .rpteam file in Axure RP.

When you recover a previous version of a team project from the history tab, it will download that version as a separate, regular .rp file.

If you wish to replace an existing team project with a different file in order to keep that same team project link, then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the .rpteam file in Axure RP that you want to update
  2. Navigate to “File > Import from RP File” and select the file with the desired changes
  3. Follow the steps in the Import Wizard and select the changes you want to add or replace
  4. Check in changes


Thank you, I will have a go!


Hmm, I have tried this this is what I have:

  • Orginal rpteam file, this had two adaptive view, somehow the desktop one was screwed up and now displays as the mobile design, so we need to go back to yesterdays recovery
  • Recovery rp file with the desktop design in tact and displays correctly in axure

I followed your instructions but although imported, apparently, the desktop version is not the same as in the rp file - it is mobile size, not the desktop size.

How can I solve this? Or do I cut my losses and convert the recovered file into a team file and share a new link?


If you imported all the page and adaptive views correctly, then the desktop version should be the same in both files.

As a first troubleshooting step, if you create a team project out of the existing recovery file, then does the correct version show up in the published version?

To help us reproduce and investigate what may be happening, please attach the team project and recovery file that you’re working on. Of course, feel free to send any files or contact us directly at as well.