How long do comments last on a prototype and what removes them?


My team is working on a process that would allow the team to review our wireframes through AxShare and leave feedback through the Discussions feature, and with each release, we would be able to revisit the comments and resolve them. Through one of the tests we conducted, we uploaded a prototype to AxShare, and we received a bunch of comments from a colleague. We took care of the feedback and uploaded another version of the prototype to the same URL. However, when we tried to find all the comments she left, we discovered they were all gone. I could still see all the comments on my Discussions tab in my personal AxShare account, but they couldn’t be viewed publicly. This became a concern for my team because it looked like whenever we updated our wireframes, we wouldn’t be able to track all of our reviewers’ comments long-term.

That being said, I tried to replicate the process by leaving a bunch of comments on a test prototype, and tried making changes and re-uploading the prototype to AxShare, and it retained all the comments, even the resolved ones. This behaviour contradicts what we experienced with the team prototype, so I’m wondering what factors affect when comments get wiped or not from a prototype? Is it time-based, or is it specific actions? A clear answer would be very useful for our team so we know how much we can rely on this future moving forward.


Hi Jenny,

I’ll be happy to clarify!

Comments on the prototype should remain, regardless of any change to the page. What would nuke the comments is if you were to upload a separate .rp file to this same existing project ID. That is, the comments are tied to both the file and to the project ID. If you were to publish file A to project ABC123, for example, and then publish file B to this same project ABC123, this would remove any comments that were left on the prototype.

If you wanted to retain the comments on the project while working with multiple files, what may help is to keep the one file with the original comments to build off of (e.g. File A). On building a new version of the project in a separate file (e.g. File B), you can import those changes from File B to File A by using “File > Import from RP File” and choosing “Replace” for the page contents.

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Great, thanks for the detailed response! Our team will keep that in mind.

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