How many people can check out the same file at the same time?



I am trying to see if my team can use Axure rp 9 together - editing the same file together at the same time.

I read some instructions, and it sounds like only one person can edit checked-out file, and others have to wait until it is checked in to be able to edit it?



Yes, the Axure RP Team edition allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously on the same file at the same time. The way this works is that via the “Team” menu, you create a team project repository on the Axure Cloud in a shared workspace that your other team members have access to; this allows each of your team members (who must all be using Axure RP 9 Team) to download a local copy of that team project to open in Axure RP. Within the local copy, they can check out the pages that they want to work on, and while they have the page checked out for editing nobody else can check out that page; this is similar to checking out books in a library. Once the user checks the page back in then it becomes available for the other team members to check out. This system allows multiple members of your team to work on different pages of the same project without overwriting each other’s work.

Hopefully that helps!


Thanks Alyssa, I figured it in detail after talking to support team. The wording is rather confusing to me so I had to talk to someone in person.

All Axure doc says yes multiple people can work on the same file (or the project) but in reality, I’ve realized that only one person can work on the page. As you said, only one person can check out the book at the library. Meaning, no multiple people can work on the same book(or the page) like how Google docs allow users to work together on the same doc at the same time. I am just writing this down for the sake of other people who may get confused by it.

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