How to avoid grey screen showing 'https's server IP address could not be found'?

Hi everyone, when building a prototype with only some clickable areas, and sharing the web link with others it then may not be clear which buttons are clickable or not. When any non-clickable areas are interacted with, a grey screen then appears showing ‘https’s server IP address could not be found’.

Is there any way to prevent this error screen popping up (and instead let as many clicks happen on the page with no responding action)? Or is it as simple as not clicking on buttons that don’t work?

As I’m new to this, any guidance will be much appreciated.
Many thanks!

If someone clicks on something that doesn’t do anything, then normally nothing should happen. What you’re describing is unusual and not how things should work.

How are you sharing the prototype? Are you sending them an axshare link? Likely the issue isn’t anything with your prototype, but something network related.

Hi @nkrisc that’s right; I am sharing the https link to Axure cloud. It happens for me, as well as the other person viewing the prototype on their own separate network. Thanks for pointing out that it isn’t supposed to happen!

If anyone has come across this issue and has solved it before, please let me know? Many thanks!

I would recommend also emailing Axure support. They’ll get to you here, I’m sure, but I’ve found they’re very responsive via email. And this is likely something you’ll need their help with because it seems like a somewhat unusual problem.

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