How to change the start page

After tap on app icon, I would like to load my first page which is the one with the green background. However, the initial page is the other one. What can I do?

can you take a screenshot of your axure? how is your pages organized?

I’m pretty sure the very first page in the Axure sitemap is the one that loads first. Put the one you want first at the very top/start of the sitemap.

Here is my sitemap

It is automaticly loads a page that I didn’t put which is the one with the white background and then loads my original first page.

@Theoni Did you try ‘Preview options…’ in Publish menu?

Strange, can you upload the RP file for us to test/debug?

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Which page in the sitemap is the white one? What do you mean you didn’t “put” the page?

I mean that the certain page it doesn’t exist on the sitemap. It is loaded automaticly after tap on app icon and the page that is loaded after that is my first page

Did you add a splash screen under the Mobile/Device settings? Go to the Project menu, then Generate HTML Files… then Mobile/Device.

It’s also possible that it’s Android doing it automatically, did you save it to the homescreen?

I didn’t add a splash screen. Here is a screenshot of Mobile/Device settings

Yes, I have added it to the homescreen

Then I believe that the Android OS is adding it and not Axure. I don’t know if there’s a way to avoid it, some research might be needed.

EDIT: Yep, looks like what I suspected is true:

Not sure there’s a way to avoid it. You can change the background color in the app manifest JSON but I don’t think Axure gives you a way to edit that when hosting from AxShare.

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Okay. I took a look on the link and you have right…I can’t avoid it:/

Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile: