How to delete a project from recent projects when launching the app?

Hi there! I mistakenly duplicated one of my files, and now when I launch the app, there are 2 files. They are literally same files, but different names. I am having a hard time figuring out how to delete one of them from that list. It makes me a bit confused. Screenshot attached.

Hi there! While you can’t remove one specific file from the welcome screen, you can clear all recent projects by opening Axure RP and following the menu path: File > Open Recent > Clear Recent Files. This will reset the welcome screen’s recent file list, and only files that you subsequently open moving forward will appear on that list. I hope this helps!

Hi! I tried it. It helped. Now I have opened the files that I actually use, so it looks clean. It’s a bit frustrating though as a user not being able to delete the file (s) you don’t use or no longer have an access to.
Thank you!

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