How to display data from a specific row in the repeater (and then cycle through)


I’m sure others must be doing this, so hopefully this is an easy one. I need to have an “Onclick” action where, upon clicking a repeater row (displayed as “cards”) takes you to a “more details” page.

Everything works, except I can’t tell Row/Card #1 to display the details for Row #1 in the “more details” page. I need to display the correct detailed information for each Row/Card.

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So, it looks like the “details” page is a dynamic panel (DP) that pops up? If so, you can accomplish what you want fairly easily.

In your OnClick for the repeater row, before you show the details DP, set all the information in the DP. So for example, you have a text label that displays the URL in the details DP which I’m going to call url-label. So in the row OnClick for your repeater, do this:

Set Text on url-label to [[Item.url]]

where “Item.url” is the repeater data set item you want. You’d have a column called “url” where you’re storing the value of and you access it by calling “Item.url”. So pull that value out and set it on the correct label in the DP.

You can do this for each piece of information you want displayed in the settings DP. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks mnearents. I have already set all of the data points to be pulled from the repeater, my problem is I don’t know how to tell the details page (it’s another dp that replaces the card view where the repeater lives) which row it is. I know that card #1 is Row #1, and Card #2 is Row #2, but I don’t know how to specific that in an “Onclick” event. Perhaps a filter would work where I could set it equal to [[item.Index]]. ??

You shouldn’t need to know the row if I understand your project setup correctly. When you call an OnClick on something in a repeater, calling [[Item.url]] pulls the url value from the row you clicked on. No need for you to set the row.

If you’re OnClick is on something outside of the repeater, that’s a different issue. Your original post says you’re clicking on the repeater row, so what I’m saying should work. If you need more details, let me know. I can set up an example project for you.

Here’s a simplified version of what you’re trying to do. Let me know if this is not how your project is set up:
repeater click.rp (72.1 KB)

Thanks for your help mnearents.

Yes I have all of that working, but the main difference is the Onlick action I need is:

  1. Click an item on the repeater row (that is inside of the repeater) that opens a new dynamic panel that is completely outside of the repeater. In that new dynamic panel, display the repeater data for that row.

I have all of it working EXCEPT it doesn’t know which row data to display so it just displays the last row of the repeater.

I want it to know that I clicked on row 2, for example, so it displays row 2’s data in the new dynamic panel that is outside of the repeater (but still on the same page).

It’s your basic drill down from a list of things, like for example, when you shop on ebay, you have your list of matching items, then you click that one item and you get all of the details and actions for that item.

Hopefully I’ve explained it better this time.

OK! I see what I did wrong! I didn’t put the mapping in the “Onclick” action - I only put it on the “OnItemLoad” function.repeater onclick-ms.rp (74.7 KB)

Are we able to do something similar to the above example but with a hidden repeater. Here is my issue:

There is a list similar

Once you click one, this repeater is hidden and a new screen comes up where you can add more items:

Within the new splash screen that is now present you can either add values for the ColumnShape if there is nothing there OR display what is currently in the repeater for ColumnShape if there is already something there for the ColumnColor.

Is there a simple way to do this? Everything I try will always just populate the same first row (even when the repeater is blank for all rows for ColumnShape except for the first row) when you click on any other row to either add/edit/display.

Help Please!

Hi v_axure,

Hmm, I’m having a little trouble understanding your request. Would you be able to post your RP file here for me to take a closer look? For example, are you working with two repeaters? One for ColumnColor and one for ColumnShapes? Or is there one repeater with the two columns? And you’d like to hide one column and show the other one? Once I take a look at your repeater(s) and interactions, I’ll be happy to do what I can to help you get closer to what you’re looking for. :slight_smile: