How to do interaction styles for elements


Just downloaded the new Axure 9 Beta-- curious on how you do interaction styles for elements? Things such as mouse enter, mouse out, etc.


Hi Henry,

Thanks for trying out the RP 9 beta!

The Interaction Styles have been moved from the widget’s context menu to its New Interactions list. You can access the IX styles by selecting the widget, clicking on the blue “New Interaction” button in the Interactions pane, and scrolling down to Style Effects:

Interesting. So now as interactions and interaction styles are displayed so close together can we get ‘Set Style’ for normal interactions, please? :grin:
I guess we wouldn’t even need interaction styles anymore (if there is a matching interaction) when 'Set Style" is implemented.

I find this a lot less efficient than how it previously worked with tabs. I could click between the different IX Styles and set them pretty quickly. Now I have to click each time I want to add a style. This is really not how I work. Typically, I set all my styles at one time. :frowning:


I agree. This is a much less efficient way to have interaction styles. Having to travel all the way over to the interactions tabs and down takes a lot more time versus just simply right-clicking. I understand the reason for nesting it under interactions tab and containing it within the context, but can we please bring back the ability to access it by right-clicking? Seeing a holistic view of all our options in a window was a lot easier too.


I completely agree with KavaKiwi and vTruong. I find the new way to manage the interactions styles much less efficient. Usually first I create custom styles for different states of my widget. Then I right click the widget and set how it should behave on mouse-over, being selected etc. It’s also easier just to click trough between the tabs within “Interaction Styles” window to make sure, it’s defined properly.

In Axure 8 I’ve missed possibility to add custom interaction styles to the basic ones - for example: selected AND mouseover, but otherwise the old way was ok. I’m not sure what was the reason to change it?

I don’t find this so problematic.
In my opinion the interaction styles are rarely needed in comparison to other functions, just for buttons and navigation elements. You define these once per project and that’s it.
Sometimes also for the script-controlled manipulation of an element.

And it was only now that I discovered the tabs from Axure 8, although I work with Axure every day. This clearly shows that I don’t need these tabs at all.

Sure I get that, however, the IX styles were working fine before so I don’t get the whole idea of updating an app then make some things worse.