How to download uploaded file from Axshare?

Hi guys,

How do I download an uploaded file from Axshare?

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It’s not intuitive, but do the following:

Mouse over the gear icon at the right side of a project (in the list-of-projects view) and choose File + Settings.

On that screen, right-click the .rp file and choose where to download it. (There’s no download link for whatever reason.)


Not intuitive at all!

Thank you Joseph.

For a team project, this file isn’t displayed at all. Is there a way to download the team project (.rpprj or .rplibprj) file from Axshare?

Hi platypusman,

As you’ve found, there isn’t a way to download team project files off Axure Share, as you would with a standalone RP or RPLIB file. So to download the team project file, you’ll need to open Axure RP and go to “Team > Get and Open Team Project File” from the main menu. This will download a local RPPRJ copy of the team project onto your machine. If you wanted to export that to a standalone RP file, you can do so by opening up the RPPRJ file and using “File > Export Team Project to File” from the main menu.

Hope this helps!

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