How to explain these moves?

Hi there, let’s say that I have 2 boxes: box1 and box2, and I make them a group. There is also an button, I set the OnClick event as in the picture, and please notice that annotation is none now:

Then in the preview, I click the button, the boxes move to the location that I set to, so far everything is fine:

Then something weird happens, if I set both move’s annotation to be linear:

In the preview, the first time I click the button:

the second time I click the button:

You can see that the location is totally different. I don’t see why different annotation makes such big differences. Please give some explanation. Thanks!

Try ungrouping the boxes and just handling them separately. Since it works without the linear animation, you could try adding a Wait 150 ms (or some time equal or greater than the animation (“linear 100 ms”) action after you move the group.

However, there is a known bug with moving widgets in a group (recently fixed in Axure RP9.) If you need to treat them as a unit (e.g., "Move group to (0,0), then ungroup them and place them in a dynamic panel (select both widgets, right-click this selection and choose “Convert to Dynamic Panel”.

Do note the coordinates of widgets within a dynamic panel are relative to that panel. So, if you wanted to move a widget in a dynamic panel to a specific coordinate location relative to the browser window, don’t forget to add the coordinates of the dynamic panel. For example, if your dynamic panel is located at (50, 50) and it has a “Box1” widget in it at the upper-left then “Box1” has x=0 and y=0 (not x=50, y=50.) If you want to move Box1 to screen coordinates of (50, 100) then you could either have “Move Box1 by (0, 50)” or "Move Box1 to ( [[50 - LVAR1.x]] , [[100 - LVAR1.y]] ) --where ‘LVAR1’ is a local variable pointing to your dynamic panel.

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