How to expose notes out of inline frame or is there any other workaround?

I am using Axure RP9 to create a prototype for my product but have an issue with notes.

I use notes heaviliy to explain the logic and specific requirements for pages and widgets. However, I found that when I embed the page into a inline frame, the notes will not show in current page notes summary.

The reason I would like to organize prototype pages in this way is that I actually have 2 parts in my prototyping. One part is the product prototype itself and it contains dozens pages. The other part is kind of guide which represents the prototype structure in a more easy to understand way. (e.g. group pages in epics) The later part refers pages in the first part. That’s the place the page noting summary issues come in.

Also I tried to open the pages in a new windows/tab directly, however it just get worse as the notes will not work at all. I suspect it might because the new page doesn’t have axure built-in tools at all and even a clicking on a single note will not work.

Is there any way to solve the issues? Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion/help.

The user should be able to hover over the yellow note tag in the child page (page loaded in inline frame) and see a ‘?’ cursor; then click the yellow note tag to view notes in place–as a popup.

To provide the Notes pane (viewing all notes in a list on the right) I think the easiest solution is to take advantage of the built-in sitemap (left pane with list of all pages) and instruct your prototype users to navigate to the page with the note on it. In other words, the page which is loaded in the inline frame. You could place these instructions in a page note on the parent page.

Or, you could add a widget (or other means) with a Click or Tap event to simply open the child page in the Current Window (letting your users then “go back” to the parent page with the browser’s Back button–or sitemap–or similar widget placed on the child page. (see below file for demonstration.)

Yeah, the Notes feature requires the “prototype player frameset” (which is provided in the start.html file with every prototype’s HTML fileset.) When you open a page in a new tab/window or as popup, it only opens that page and not the frameset, so no Notes pane.

But, you can actually open “start.html” to get the prototype’s frameset, and then append the page URL you need, and even open the Notes page automatically… If you look at the browser’s URL field you can see the syntax for the default “Page 1”:

Nitty gritty details…

  • The first part is the domain, where “” is the “local preview host” --and you can basically ignore this for these purposes
  • “start.html” is the page name
  • ‘#’ is basically how options are provided in a URL (YouTube uses this commonly, for instance)
  • ‘&’ is how additional options are specified
  • “#id=blahblah” is not necessary, ignore it for these purposes
  • “p=” is the option for “page to load in the main area”
  • “page_1” is the converted page name for “Page 1” where everything is lowercase and spaces replaced with underscores.
  • “g=12” is how the Auxre frameset shows/hides the panes. You can hide/show various panes to see how these work. ‘1’ is the left pane, ‘2’ is the Notes pane, ‘3’ is the Console pane, etc.

So, to load “Page 2” in a new window with the Notes pane, use this as an “external URL”:


You should be able to provide some means for this, either in the parent page or child page. The demo file below uses Hotspot widgets as they are invisible but can have their own notes for user-discovery.
I included three different versions–pick one that best suits you:

  1. Hotspot that simply opens child page in current window. (And corresponding hotspot on child page which opens the parent page.
  2. Hotspot that opens child page in new window/tab with Notes pane shown
    (Aha! Finally what you want! :slight_smile: )
  3. Hotspot that displays a popup “case menu” offering user the ability to see what it does, choosing to open in new window or dismiss/hide the popup. I’ve found this is useful for developer/reviewer purposes.

Inline Frame page with notes.rp (58.6 KB)