How to fix problem with more expanded menu

Hello I would like to make a bigger menu with different options. Menu is build from 6 buttons on the left define as a dynamic panel and second part of the menu is another rectangle with content of links and some icons. Basically problem is : When Im on the first part everything is visible ( basically second part of the menu with link on the right are hidden ). Question is : how to make this whole element menu to fix dissapear or hidden problem with second part of the menu ? Basically Whole menu dissapear when Im on second part. I don’t know how to exacly set up it. Thank you for answers

This is cases from left menu side of the buttons which i set up :

This is the second part of the hidden elements on the right with icons :

This is a whole menu , on the top is as well button to activate a menu

Basically this is what i wanna make:

Hmm, it’s a bit tricky to see exactly what the issue is without the file, but it sounds like you want to build a tab control where mousing over the buttons on the left changes the content that is visible on the right–is that accurate? If so, then the tutorial below should help (you would just switch the OnClick events with OnMouseEnter to change the panel states):

Hopefully that helps! Feel free to post your file if you still run into issues after trying the above so that we can take a closer look at the file structure.

Thank you a lot ! <3