How to get mobile prototype link to to display properly on user's phones

I created a prototype that needs to be tested from user’s mobile phones using When I view the link from my own phone through the google chrome browser, it is super tiny and unusable.

Bottom line is I need a way to have testers access the prototype via their phone.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Actually you can upload you prototype onto your web hosting and share the URL. The challenge you will find is that user may not use your preferred device choice.

No matter where I post the html files, the URL, when accessed via a browser on a mobile phone still scales improperly and shows up super tiny. We are controlling for users to only view it on their mobile phones since this is a mobile app.

If this is mobile app, It should work provided you have made the correct settings Mobile settings in Axure. This is an example of a mobile I developed prototype done in Axure and hosted on my web hosting server,

The mobile app works on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is what I designed for and I am currently texting it on my real mobile device.

Other phone device may not show the exact size, but on web browser all the user need to do is zoom to view and it works perfectly

Hi msivik,
Have you tried including the viewport tag (Go to Publish > Generate HTML Files > Mobile/Device (on the left menu)?
This image have the settings that worked for me.

Hi there. I’m using Axure 9 and the viewport setting is gone along with those scales. I got it to work by removing all adaptive views and going with the “auto” setting for the pages. Guess the mobile phone sizes don’t actually work for mobile phones?

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Yes, I think the adaptive views does not work in Mobile App. I also having some challenge now where my App displays well in my targeted device Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Now I am testing the app Cordova using on Android studio emulator to view the app. Now the mobile app is in other devices emulator its either too big or too small.

Would love to see how this can solve to fit all screen-size, I am guessing this might mean I have to do some custom CSS to make it responsive to any devices

Any suggestion would help

This is an old thread, but I’ll chime in real quick because I had this exact same problem when I tried to create a mobile prototype in Axure 9 and test it with UserTesting.

I had an email exchange with Axure support and the TLDR is that I am back to using Axure 8 because Axure 9 wouldn’t do what I needed.

In Axure 9, they removed the ability to set the viewport the way I needed in order to share an exact page URL.

The intended Axure 9 answer is that I shouldn’t give the user the exact URL of the page I’m testing, but rather the URL of the page inside an invisible Axure frame which will handle the resizing. However, that didn’t work correctly with UserTesting’s recording software.

I actually ran an entire UserTesting usability test where all I asked users to do was to load one mobile page after another just so I could see how all the permutations would look and behave.

For me, the end result is that I am back to Axure 8, where I can test mobile prototypes through UserTesting.

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