How to hide a table's vertical border?


I had tried to set the Border Visibility, but it didn’t work.


Tables are pretty limited in every possible area I could think of. Just use repeaters instead


It’s not possible to style the table like that (sadly it doesn’t work like an Excel spreadsheet). Some properties for widgets in the Style Manager do not apply to all widget, even if you can change it’s configurations. For example, you cannot apply Border Visibility, Corner Radius, Corner Visibility to a table widget.


This feature should be added in the next release: the ability to adjust border visibility on a table cell. When doing a simple grid in a mockup, you don’t want to have to set up repeaters … you just want to be able to enter values directly in a table. The fact that this style option is enabled when you have a table cell selected, even though it does not apply to table cells, is very frustrating.

When will table border visibility styling be available?

I’ve just tried to do this using Axure 10 and it still doesn’t work. Is it not possible, still?


Bumping this - really frustrating. I don’t know if this is a bug or expected behaviour either - contemplating switching back to Just in Mind which is way more flexible in terms of table styling.


Once you know repeaters, they are the way to go to build tables, especially for any dynamic or editable content. Your table cells can thus contain any widgets, like a background rectangle which can have borders with individual styling/visibility.

With a pure table widget, my recommendation to hide a vertical border would be to place it in a dynamic panel (right-click it, select “Create dynamic panel”) then double-click into that dynamic panel and move the table, e.g., 1 px to left will place it at x = -1 to hide the left border. To hide both left and right vertical borders you can then decrease the dynamic panel’s width by 1 px.