How to highlight hotspots?

So basically my application have plenty of clickable hotspots.

But UI development is rolled out in portions, so I can’t make everything active.

I want the user to know which ones are clickable when they land on the page.

Similar to how invision does it, where it highlights clickable items for a split second when they click anywhere on the page. (I’m only using that as an example, but honestly I don’t like that either.)

Personally I would like clickable items to be highlighted for split-second as soon as you land on the page, or for ex, like every 10 seconds. I have seen solutions where you have to click on the screen for the highlights to hide but its not a good solution imo.

Is this possible in Axure?

hotspot.rp (68.8 KB)

Thanks for the reply.

This kind of work :slight_smile:

How do I stop the blinking hotspot from looping?

Hi Arjay, Good point! I updated RP file

hotspot-updated.rp (70.1 KB)


No I meant, stop blinking after a couple of seconds.

Cause I want it to blink only once or twice

Hi arjay,
Here is I did several variation for hotspot. You can choose one that better suite to your project.
hotspot-updated1.rp (130.2 KB)


Perfect! Thanks bermanatalie :slight_smile: