How to improve the conditional logic of my form?

Hey guys,

I started creating a conditional logic form, but It got quite complicated with lots of conditional object. I’m doing it wrong, but so far it works.

However, I would like to learn it correctly and I’m kindly asking for your help.

Example 1:
I have a droplist of 5 elements.
Only if the item-1 or item-2 is selected, a blue box should be visible.

What I did:

  • By default the blue box is hidden
  • Case 1: Hide blue text box if item 3–5 is selected
  • Case 2: Show blue text box if item 1 or item 2 is selected

Isn’t there a solution, that requires only one case?
If I deleted Case 1, it would show me the blue box once item 1 or 2 was selected.

Thank you very much!

That looks very simple and off the top of my head is the bare minimum required. If your issue is you have these two cases - and a whole lot of other ones that do other things - then there might be other places you can simplify, or you can rename cases to make it easier to scan what’s happening.

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