How to keep repeater row selection persistent despite filtering and sorting (solved)


in a repeater with a checkbox in each row, the checked state does not survive filtering or sorting (i am using the Axure 9 sample UI pattern “Sortable & Filterable Table” with checkbox dynamic panel added)

how can an individual variable (Checked / Unchecked) for each row be set and used each time the repeater table gets rendered (filtering, sorting) ?

Thanks for helping on that !


I found a post that looks like it answers your question. Let me know if not.

Thanks !

This is how i could solve it:

  • extra reapeater data column “check” to store the state (checked/unchecked)
  • “update rows” function rewriting the value of item.check column accordingly as interaction on checkbox
  • if/else conditions looking if the value item.check is set to either checked or unchecked on “item Loaded” interaction of repeater to set the checkbox state accordingly

this keeps the checked rows stay checked when the repeater rerenders the table due to sorting or filtering

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