How to keep the same cursor when hovering over a hotspot?


I am creating a prototype website that I want to test on users. However, I don’t want them to realise what they can and can’t click on. The mouse cursor changing to a hand gives away that the item is a link. Is there a way to change this so when a mouse hovers over a link, it doesn’t show the hand cursor? I want it to just stay the same as the default cursor.


blank the style=“cursor: pointer;” by javascript

Alternatively, you could place an empty OnClick case (no actions) on all links and then they’ll all look clickable. This might feel more natural, even if clicking them doesn’t do anything. This way they’ll at least know what parts of the UI would be clickable. Up to you.

I have an opposite issue today that just showed up for no reason.

The pointer is missing on all the links when I hover. I would be needing the hand pointer icon to be on all links.

How do I bring it back?

Hi arjay,

Hmm! Could you post an the RP file here so that I could take a closer look? Please also let me know the version of Windows or Mac you are on, as well as the browser and its version. Thanks!