How to link to a section on another page

I am trying to select Read More text to link to another page for more details. Suggestions?

Book page Read more should link to BookDetail page specific section

BooksDetail page

I put hotspot. Or can I link to the label?

Not sure how to upload rp file…

Can you provide an .rp file or at least a screenshot of your content for more context?

Depends on your preferences for how the link should look and behave. To make it a “true text link”, select the text (first the widget, then click and drag to select any or all text on that widget) then in the INTERACTIONS pane, select the Insert Text Link button and choose a page to open. You can then go into the Click or Tap event that gets created and edit the actions.

To set this up, you can use a global variable to keep track of which section. For example, when the “Read more…” for “MOCKINGJAY” is clicked, it could set OnLoadVariable (the default global variable, or you can create your own new variable) to “MOCKINGJAY” and then open the page link.

Then, on your BookDetail page, use a widget (or group or dynamic panel of widgets) to identify each section. I suggest naming them same as or at least partially same as the values you assign to the global variable. For example, name the widget that has the text, “MOCKINGJAY details” as “MOCKINGJAY” or “MOCKINGJAY Section” --make sense? On this page, use the Page Loaded event to test the value of OnLoadVariable–with a series of conditional Cases:
IF OnLoadVariable contains "MOCKINGJAY" Scroll to Widget "sectionMOCKINGJAY"
ELSE IF OnLoadVariable contains "SCORPION" Scroll to Widget "sectionSCORPION"
… etc. This will make it so when the page loads, it will automatically scroll to the correct section; the y-location or top of whichever widget you tell it to scroll.

You can use any widget, including a group of widgets. No need to create a hotspot just for this, but you can if that makes more sense to you. Just name these widgets and use those names to identify which widget to scroll to in your Scroll to Widget action.

You can use the "upload button in the Post/Reply window. It’s this one:


Here is a quick example of linking to a page and automatically scrolling to sections:
scroll to section.rp (74.0 KB)

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Thank you! I will try this.

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