How to lock screen on mobile?


Im a newbie with Axure. I’m making a prototype for my thesis project. The prototype is made from single pages without vertical or horizontal scrolling. When i view my prototype on mobile (iphone 8) and swipe horizontal or vertical it moves the page to white. Is there a way to lock the page so when users swipe it does not move the screen to white?


Hi! Try this:

On your desktop, size the browser window down to the size of your mobile page. After you’ve done this, can you now scroll the page to the right? If so, that’s the problem: there is SOMETHING to the right of the desired page bounds that is causing the scrolling. Maximize the browser and hit CTRL+A (select all) to find the object that is sitting to the right of the desired page bounds.

If there is nothing there, I don’t know what is going on.

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Thank you for your response. I sized te browser to the size of the page i’m not able to scroll in any direction. When i click CTRL+A i dont see anything on the page that is causing the problem.