How to make a circular slider in Axure?

Hi all, is there anyway to make an ellipse, when dragged, to follow a circular path. I basically want to make a circular slider (colour wheel) so the user can select a colour by dragging it around.

Many Thanks


Here is a dynamic panel that rotates when you drag the circle inside of it. If you want to find out what the current rotation is (between 0 and 360), use the OnRotate interaction of the outer dynamic panel (“rotatingPanel”) and test for the value [[This.rotation]]. You’d put this on top of your color wheel.

Note that there is a do-nothing OnDrag interaction on the outer panel that just prevents you from dragging the image in the browser. Note: make sure the outer dynamic panel is NOT set to “Fit to Content”

Live sample

File: rotate_panel.rp (66.9 KB)


Worked perfectly, thank you so much. :smile:

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