How to make continuous scroll in loop without any delay

How can I make continuous scroll without any delay.

  1. Change state continuously one after the other in loop without any delay.
  2. When cursor is on the left side , dynamic panel states should scroll left side.
  3. When cursor is on the right side, dynamic panel states should scroll right side.

continousscroll.rp (50.5 KB)

Hi neerajk,

You can do this by grouping the content together and then encompassing them in a dynamic panel container. Then, add an OnLoad or OnMouseEnter event to move the group inside the DP by a targeted amount. The last bit is adding conditional logic to say if the widgets inside the group pass a certain left or right trigger (the left and right boundaries of the group), then move that widget to the opposite side of the group. This should ensure that your content moves in a loop.

I edited your file to demonstrate this. Hope it helps!

continousscroll_EDIT.rp (75.6 KB)

Yes, This is good. I will try to change this as per my requirement.
Thanks a lot…

Can you explain
Move - I understood.
Wait and Fire event-- I did not get this. Why both of these has been used. Please tell me so that I can use it in my next effects.


Hi neerajk,

Sure thing! While the “Wait” interaction isn’t necessary, it’s good to have. This is in case the user were to click really fast, the “Wait” interaction ensures that the “Move by” interaction with the linear animation of 500ms finishes before firing the next interaction so that each event happens in succession, rather than at the same time.

Next, the Fire Event is necessary to fire the OnRotate event on each of the circle widgets:

The OnRotate event on each of the circle widgets ensures that each circle checks its location each time it moves to the right or left. If it surpasses its left or right boundary, then it moves to the end of the opposite side. And I chose to put these events on the OnRotate event since that’s an event I assumed wouldn’t actually be used on the widgets.

Hopefully this helps to clarify!

Thank you very much for the code explanantion.