How to make objects default 'selected' in 'Outline' window to the right?

I often use the ‘Outline’ window to the bottom right to arrange and move objects with.

Now, I have this problem that I didn’t think was a problem earlier on.

When I select an object, I cannot move it by the help of the arrows. In order to do this, I have to right-click the object and choose ‘Selected’ state. This is quite annoying as I have to do it for all objects in the pane.

Only other alternatives are to:

  1. Move the through-the-outline-pane-selected object by mouse (inaccurate)
  2. Select the objects on the working area (which is something quite tricky if you have many layers).

I really need a way to automatically being able to move objects with the help of the arrows after I’ve clicked the object(s) in the Outline pane.

Now this was hard to explain - does it make any sense?

well the only “improvement” in the workflow I found is, as soon as you have the objects selected in the OUtliner you can click-drag the selection group in the working area. The grouping (if you selected multiple layers) is kept.

Axure implementation right sets priority to navigate the Outline with the cursors right now instead of moving the objects. I dont know right now, why I would need this outline-navigation feature and actually would prefer move-objects by-cursor as you suggested.


Well - we can hope they read this.
Hasn’t it been the ‘right’ way before? I only think I stumbled upon the problem lately.

Hi Kenneth,

If I’m understanding correctly, you would like to be able to click on a widget’s name in the Outline pane and then use the arrow keys to move the widget around on the canvas. Is that right? While you won’t be able to do this just by clicking the widget’s name itself, clicking the widget’s name will automatically highlight the widget on the canvas. You can then click the widget on the canvas without having to click down through any groups that it might be nested in. After clicking the widget on the canvas, you can “nudge” it around with the arrow keys.

From my testing, it looks like this behavior has been in place at least since Axure RP 7. I would be more than happy to log a feature request for you, though, to change it so that clicking the widget’s name in the Outline pane allows you to move the widget around on the canvas.

I hope that I’ve understood correctly. If not, please let me know.

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Hi Anthony

You understood correctly - but it is still a problem when I have many object on top of each other. Moving them on the canvas often leads to picking the wrong one again.

Please file a change request - I am sure others would benefit from this as well.

Other than that I have to say that your product is world class. I haven’t find any other product coming even close!

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I need this to work like @Kenneth_Bon said! It’s driving me crazy that I can’t just select a widget in the Outline pane and then nudge it around the canvas with the arrow keys. When I have many widgets layered over each other and grouped together, sometimes it’s impossible to select a widget in the Outline pane, then click it on the canvas without inadvertently selecting another layered widget.

@Anthony_Axure, was this ever logged as a feature request?


Hi Danielle,

Thanks for sharing that with us! Anthony got the feature request filed for Kenneth_Bon, but I’ll be happy to add a “+1” to the request for the ability to move widgets using arrow keys through the Outline pane, rather than through the canvas, on your behalf.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!


I support having this feature too, that is to - click on widget name in Outline Pane to select the widget in Canvas, then any arrow key will move the widget in the Canvas. It is painful to select the correct widget in the Canvas now, 'cos I have too much overlapping widgets.

Hi folks,
We’ve implemented this behavior in RP 9 (currently in beta). Selecting a widget in the outline also selects in on the canvas so you can then use arrows to move it on the page.