How to make page scrollable when there are too many items?



In my app I have this page that contains a dynamic list of items. You can add items and also delete items. It’s like a ‘favourites’ page. I didn’t use repeaters, but the show/hide function with ‘pull down items below’. When there are too many items so that they dont fit on the screen together I want there to appear a scroll bar. I also have some problems with my menu bar below on the screen. I don’t want it to move along with the added and deleted liked items.


Are you asking about RP 10 or RP 9? In a recent post you indicated you don’t have RP 10, but this is the RP 10 forum, so I’m just wondering. Also, in some of your recent posts on the RP 9 forum, I’ve posted replies with .rp files that demonstrate just how to do these things.

In general, if you have widgets directly on the canvas and the total area of those widgets exceed the browser viewport dimensions (the “page area”) then the browser automatically shows vertical and horizontal scrollbars and scrolling features as needed.

If your widgets are inside a dynamic panel (dp), then you can set the dp’s scrolling options by right-clicking (or cmd-click for Mac) and selecting “Scrollbars” then choosing one of the options: { Never Scroll, Scroll As Needed, Scroll Vertically, Scroll Horizontally}.

If you are showing/hiding or resizing widgets with the “push/pull” option and you don’t want certain widgets to be pushed or pulled, then place the movable widgets in a dp, with any non-movable widgets outside of this dp. Alternatively, you can create a dp for your menu bar and pin it to the browser (available from the dp’s right-click menu and from the Style pane.