How to make sure user fills in all text areas?

In my app prototype i have a dynamic panel with a text area in some of the states. The dynamic panel is a sort of quiz that the user can fill in. On the last state is a button to finish the quiz. I want there to appear a warning message in this last state when the user hasnt filled in all the text areas in the panel. Any ideas on how to do this?

Hi @DavidM96, you might want to add some conditional logic that checks if there is any text in your text field or text area widget, and if there isn’t then you show a warning. I’ve attached a simple file that illustrates this approach. There is a button, a text field, and a hidden warning label. So, when you click or tap on the button, the condition checks if there is any text inside of the textfield, and if there isn’t=>the warning label is shown. You might need to use the logical AND inside of the condition in order to check several fields. I hope it helps, and please let me know if you have any additional questions.IsTheTextFieldEmpty.rp (45.6 KB)

Thanks! it works. i do have one more question about this. now my warning message is shown when you click on the ‘finish’ button and the user hasnt answered all questions. But i also want the warning message (on the last state of the dynamic panel with, the other panels eacht have a question which the user can answer) to dissapear when the user has filled in all the questions, before clicking on the finish button again. do you know how to do this?

Hey @DavidM96, you can add the the “Key Up” or “Text Changed” interaction to the last field where a user should enter the information along with the condition that checks that there is some text in every field. If there is some–then you will hide this warning, I hope this helps!