How to make Text and other objects persistent across DP states


I’ve tried every combination of search and logic thatI can think of, but I can’t solve this, soo… turning to some gurus for enlightenment.

I’ve attached a rp doc to help illustrate what I’m trying to achieve, hope that helps.

I want to understand how to make text and other objects (like a button) be persistent across states of a dynamic panel, without manually copying and pasting them on each panel state individually.

In my diagram, I have a path widget, with 4 states, which changes the color of each stage in the widget as it progresses. (click 'Step 2) to see it in action.

How can I basically use the widget as a remote control for the entire screen without having to manually create out the details of each stage on each individual state panel.?

My prototype would have multiple of these composite units in it, so trying o think of a modular, scaleable way to pull this off.

I hope that makes sense.

And I’d like it to be possible to institute a single text change but have it reflected across all the states.

:slight_smile: let me know If I’m desiring the moon here…
Thanks everyone

Path DP changer.rp (107.1 KB)

I tend to do this kind of thing using an external ‘logic’ widget. So I make a widget that has a bunch of interactions attached to it, like ‘If dynamic panel is in state 1, change text A to B, hide this, show that’ etc. Then I make the logic widget hidden and set the various next/previous buttons on the dynamic panel to fire an OnClick interaction at the hidden logic widget. This allows you to fiddle with all of the interactions in one place rather than trying to manage them across multiple dynamic panel states.

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ok…I think you’re on to something there. have a sample I can reverse engineer?

Afraid I can’t share most of my prototypes as they are under contract IP. I will take a look at your file over a lunch break.

awesome… tnx. looking forward to it

Apologies for the delay. I’ve added some logic for the first two requests in your file. Click the ‘LOGIC’ block to see the interactions. These are fired on page load (by a page load event) then whenever you click the ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ buttons.

Path DP changer-updated.rp (107.9 KB)

On your third point, about updating multiple instances of content within a Dynamic Panel’s different states, I don’t believe there is an easy way to do this. If I have something that I know might change across the multiple instances, I may take it out of the DP and place it over the top (i.e. the text on each stage indicator). I guess you could also try inserting a master inside a dynamic panel? I haven’t tried that.

got it. will take a look. Appreciate you getting back to me.

Hmm…never used fire event before. I like how you did that.

as for #3. my current solution is a horizontal repeater in front changing paths.and another dropdown…which acts as a remote control to the repeater table. so that helped with the making changes on the repeater, but I still have to copy and paste the path on each state of the page, and setup loading conditions, for it. its not perfect…but it reduces the time.

ok…thanks again for the help.