How to make the text showing in dropdown field or text field instead of the pill/bubble field



Now the field for the dropdown it looks like this. When the user select the checkbox, the pill will pop out.
But I want it to be instead of the pill, it will be a text in the drop down.

So a user selects “Apple, Orange, Pear” it will display in the text field.
When the user unselect “Orange” it will display “Apple, Pear”.

This is what I want the field to show
I am unsure how to make it works.

example.rp (53.7 KB)


Since you’re using repeaters, one handy way to get the items to start on a new line is to use the “Wrap (Grid)” feature. With this example, you can select the repeater and under the Style Pane you can find the “Layout” section. Make sure you have the wrap option checked and then set 2 items per row.

At this point you would probably want the “Input Field” and “List 2” dropdown widgets to resize and move with the expanding selections as well. To do this, I added this interaction on the repeater: “Move > List 2 > to Y value > [[This.bottom]]” as a sort of push/pull interaction. Next, on the “List 2” I added the following interaction to resize the text field: “Moved > Set Size > Input > Height > [[This.y]]”.

I’ve included your file with the described edits just in case. example - Axure Edit.rp (54.6 KB)