How to map to Font Awesome 4.7 in Axure 9?

Does anyone know what the @css link is for Font Awesome 4.7 in Axure 9?

Appreciate your help!

Looks like you can get a CDN url here:

I don’t use fontawesome but presumably it’ll include the CSS.

I figured it out. Here’s what worked:

  • Double-checked I was had Font Awesome 4.7 installed. (I did.)

  • From Share or Publish, select Fonts tab

  • Click + Add Font

  • Type the Font Label: (Font Awesome 5 Free Solid Regular 5.1)

  • Copy and Paste the “URL of CSS file”:

  • Make sure “Link to .css” is selected (it will be highlighted in blue)

  • Click “Font Mappings”

  • Copy the following settings, then click “Done”:

  • Make sure when you set your font for an icon, you use the following selection in the dropdown (especially useful if you have more than one version installed):

Hope this helps someone!

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