How to mimic OnSelection instead of OnSelectionChange in droplist?

I’m using droplists for navigation in a breadcrumb-like manner. Each “folder level” of the nav string is a separate droplist. Every droplist option opens a different page:

In the example above, I’d like to be able to “re-select” a parent level value (e.g. “Candidates” in the first menu). Going back to the breadcrumb analogy, imagine Candidates > Katy Matthews > Approvals and Modifications. I’d like to be able to click “Candidates” and be taken back to the Candidates page.

The problem is that the droplist widget doesn’t have an OnSelection event. It only has OnSelectionChange, and in the scenario above where the parent level menu is set to the value Candidates and the user clicks on the same value, the selection isn’t changing. Any ideas how I can achieve what I’m after? I’m not seeing any other events I can substitute.


Unfortunately, even in javascript itself, there is no event that gets triggered when the user selects the same value in a dropdown. You can get a click message when you initiate the selection (i.e., open the dropdown), but no event happens upon choosing the same value.

You could accomplish this by creating custom droplists (using Axure widgets) rather than using the stock ones. Or you could change the model itself by providing some kind of “clear” button on all but the first breadcrumb.