How to pass data using global variables/method to multiple RP files

I have a question about how to pass data from one RP file to other?

If each team is working on different sub project (RP file) and at the end if all RP files need to be integrated together without moving all pages into one RP file as there could be more than 100 pages sometimes.

E.g. In Proto1.rp I created Global variables to capture user entered data like First name, Last name.

How can I pass the same data to Proto2.RP, Proto3.RP to display the same names there?

Appreciate anyone help on this!

You should work in one rp file from the beginning. You can’t really do this. I’ve worked with 10+ people on one project with 400+ pages. It’s manageable if you use folders to separate work.

The short answer is no, there is not an easy nor reliable way to do this. However it might still be possible, but I suspect it will be quite tedious to implement.

Here’s a hint: look at the URL when using global variables and going from page to page without using the sitemap frame. The variables are passed as URL query parameters. You’d have to manually set these on every link to another page on a different prototype, for every variable. Even then there might be more difficulties as I haven’t actually ever tried this.

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I agree with @matei1987. Almost always better to put everything in one prototype. Importing pages from other .rp files is pretty easy.

However, this is possible using the approach that @nkrisc lays out, so the short answer is, “Yes” and the long answer is, “Yes, but…” See this thread for a demonstration:

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