I need a tutorial on how to make Videos/Gif’s play in Axure - is there a video link anywhere and procedure to do this at all? Just making a prototype and want to put some images in (video) and once clicked it plays. And also the choice of on-click a model panel pops up with large version of video to play (as would be normal on a site.

I have been told all video needs to be in GIF format for Axure…so hope someone can help and if video out there would be great!

thanks: Daryl

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Upload your video to Youtube or another host, then use a Frame in Axure to load the video.

RP file: VideoInFrame.rp (49.3 KB)

Dear Murray - thanks for this. What do you have for NOT You Tube videos.
I have video that has been turned in GIFs (I was told Gif is the way this works}. How do I make those GIFs load and program into my Axure art that I am making? Just a novice at doing video in Axure.

Is there any tutorial / video online that shows me quickly about how I can do this please?

thanks: Daryl

…if anyone looking at this can help in what I am asking for then please help!
Quite important I get this info.

Best: Daryl

Just drag n drop didnt work for you?

gifs.rp (189.6 KB)

Yes as Zuvala said you can just drag a GIF onto your page

Hi Zuvala
Here is my Gif and it does not move and is really confusing me…can you possibly tell me what I am doing wrong? It is a video gif that I have downloaded and no other gif moves. Will upload file too.

Hope you can advise: Daryl (thanks too!)Barking Mad.rp (89.3 KB)

Hi @daryl_lee,
when you drag ‘n’ drop an image in your Axure-file an alert informs you if you like to optimize the image. You need to click ‘No’ and it will include an animated GIF in your file.

Barking Mad.rp (3.9 MB)

thanks your a star -works fine and now I know what to do!


I followed the steps detailed in this forum but can’t get the animation to work in RP 9. Can someone help ?

Find attached the gif that i am trying to work.

I downloaded the file attached and it doesnt show animated GIFs. I see only static image. I am using RP9.

Is it my browser issue ?

Hmm, the gif works on my end without issue as long as you do not optimize it when you import it into Axure RP. The gif will not animate on the canvas, but you should see it animating when you view the prototype in the browser. If you’re seeing that it’s not animating when you view the prototype in the browser then please attach the .rp file and we’ll take a look. Thanks!

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