How to re arrange menu order

I have created a navigation menu with order as Home, Category, Program, Brand, Reports, Now I want to re arrange the order as Home, Category, Brand, Program, Reports with all sub menus. Is there a way to do this in Axure.

Hi Ganesh6samy,

Would you be able to post a copy of the RP file you’re working with? That’ll help us get a better idea of what you’re going for. You can also send it over in an email to if you’re more comfortable with that!

It all depends on how you created you menu. The following ideas popped up to me.

Dynamic Panel: Use different states with a different order.

  • Easy and fast & flexible menu structure.
  • Duplication of content.

Repeater: Use a repeater for the top menu items. Place subitems in dynamic panel within item.
Use sorting or adding/removing rows to adjust the menu

  • Flexible reordering
  • Repeater easily gets complicated if the menu structure has more than one hierarchy level.