How to remove previous text inputs showing - when creating a search function?



Hello, I am creating a search function in one of my prototypes. Its fully functioning but when using it the following happens ----> 41 How can i stop this from happening as its blocking my actual results!

Thank you


Hey there. Yes frustrating right, I’m not entirely sure if you can stop Chrome (I’m assuming that’s what you are using here) from storing text entries, but you can definitely clear them from your browsing history so you don’t see them again (until you do another search of course).

Chrome>History>Clear Browsing History>Advanced>Select only “Auto Fill Form Data”, then Clear Data (see below). It should remove them.

Hope this helps!




Funny, I just ran into this issue yesterday. You can stop a field from doing this with a little javascript. The hack for adding javascript is to put it into the external-URL field of the Open Link command. (A link won’t open.)

Place the following into that field instead of a URL. It assumes your field is called “mySearchField”. You could add this Open Link command to OnPageLoad


$('[data-label = "mySearchField"]').find('input').attr("autocomplete", "off");


you are a genius, thanks!



I just realized: if you want this to work for all fields on a given page, you don’t have to create a separate line of code for each field. You could just, say, have the word “field” anywhere in the field name (e.g., “date field”, “name field”) and then use:


$('[data-label *= "field"]').find('input').attr("autocomplete", "off");

The *= in the code above is what does this. Be careful about capitalization in the field name, as it’s case-sensitive.